I’m a Melbourne wedding photographer, and I’ve been in this industry for over 25 years. I know how to make weddings fun, relaxed and hassle-free.

Most brides want to keep their wedding memories fresh in their mind forever. This means that sometimes photography alone won’t cut it! If you’re wanting to capture your vows, your speeches and your bridal waltz in photos AND video, I heartily recommend that you find a photography and videography package. Five key benefits might change your entire wedding experience!

Avoid the Hassle!

Your married friends and family will tell you how time consuming weddings can be. If you don’t start early, there’s a big rush at the end to get everything sorted! A huge benefit of having one studio take care of both video is the time advantage. When you’ve only needed to research, schedule, visit, and communicate with a single vendor for two services, you’re saving time without making any sacrifices!==

Better relationships!

Clever brides build rapport with their vendors. If you want them to change plans, mix things up, make the most of sudden inspiration or salvage a disaster, you’ll want to be on a first name basis at the least! But while it’s a good idea to have a relationship with your photographer and videographer, it can also be time consuming. Fortunately, if your videographer and photographer are from the same studio, you’ll only need to deal with one point-person for both services. When you’re not split between two businesses, you can spend your time building a better relationship with the people that matter.

Bang for your Buck!

Most studios offer a combo-discount for weddings book both photos and video. Even if they don’t, you can probably ask for them to throw in a little extra; if they have any sense, they’ll realise how valuable you are! As an example, we give double-bookings bonus DVDs and thank-you cards to repay the trust we’re shown by brides and grooms.

Quality Assurance!

I personally believe that if you aren’t proud of the service you’re selling, you won’t be selling it for very long. So when a studio offers two services, you can be sure that they’re confident that both will be the quality you’re expecting. When you’ve done your research and chosen a reliable studio, you’ll have much less to worry about on the wedding day with a single variable instead of two!

Safety in Numbers!

When your photographer and videographer have worked with each other before, there’s an unmistakable synergy that makes everything run smoother. So rather than hope the two together, book two professionals that know each other well. Especially when the wedding industry is full of big personalities and perfectionists, it’s important to hire people who won’t step on each other’s toes. In fact if the photographer and videographer are from the same studio, they’ll be watching each other’s back to make sure nothing gets missed!

So if you weren’t sure before, I hope you’ll be certain now; finding one studio that does everything will improve your wedding in every way, both before and after!

Kind regards,
Jason Vannan